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Some our recent project include the following:

Bank of America - Whittwood Capacity Add - Drive up.

Installation of additional Drive up Atm adjacent to exterior wall. Island Atm electrical installed previously by C.E. with full branch remodel. AB244 lighting upgrade also installed.

Bank of America - North Corona - Walk up ATM

This Atm is located in the middle of a parking lot in a large shopping mall. Underground conduits installed to electrical, meter and a local MPOE.  Installation of two 1000 watt PSMH 25' light poles wind rated to 125 MPH. The installation of light shields to keep glare from main street traffic.

Covina Center for the Performing Arts

One of the most state of the art Performing Arts Center in the nations for its size. The technology in this facility is beyond amazing.

Bank of America - Quail Hill

This complete ground up Branch is a beautiful addition to Bank of Americas collection.

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